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Hear what some of our customers are saying!

"I have a "Baron of Cyprus" (or, more correctly, a custom variation). To review it, the aesthetics, as with all art, are subjective. I find it absolutely stunning and beautiful. An opinion that's been shared by all that have seen it. More objectively, the build quality and detail work is first class all the way. It is substantial and clearly built to last. I fully expect it will outlast me (and my son already loves it) so the "heirloom" claim does not seem like hyperbole to me. For anyone who hasn't worked with Datamancer yet, I can't recommend highly enough. Top quality work, good people, an 'old school' sense of business ethics, and he really makes it feel like a collaboration; I've worked with creative custom builders in other fields and some have a tendency to implicitly look down on the client. There was never a trace of that attitude in any of my interactions - and there were many interactions as he communicated generously at every step of the process."
                                                              -- D.P.

"Dear Richard, I received the keyboard yesterday. WOW!  Incredible!  It surpassed my expectations.  I can't stop staring at it. I feel like Santa's favorite kid at Christmas. Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to further masterworks. Keep up the good work!"
                                                              -- A.H.

“The keyboard is really lovely to work on- nicely responsive in a way that I have not felt on a keyboard for many years…works great on my iMac!”
                                                               -- W. K.

"It is beautiful and one-of-a-kind. It was made by a pair of human hands, and is the very antithesis of the heartless commodity that computer equipment has become. The steampunk theme recalls an age when technology was as much 'love and wonder' as 'labor'. It feels very solid. At first, I used it very gingerly, treating it like the work of art that it is. I just assumed that something fashioned out of hundreds of hand-shaped bits would be fragile. As time went by, I caught myself being careless now and then, banging keys out of emphasis or annoyance, and it hasn't skipped a beat. It does what it's supposed to, and looks fabulous, like a piece of furnture...a nice piece of furniture. It sits at the center of my workspace exuding craftsmanship and has become an object of desire among my friends. I think a little harder about what I type with it and now keep my drinks a minimum of 2 feet away from it. In conclusion, It works very well and the design does not get in the way at all. It has exactly the right amount of clickiness. The sound of it is wonderfully mechanical, a fair match for how the keyboard 'should' sound.

I asked for an heirloom, and I got one."
                                                                -- D.Y.

AWESOME!! What more can I say? His work is just incredible!
                                                               -- D.S.

The keyboard is so beautiful...I feel like I shouldn't even be allowed to touch it!
                                                               -- T.D.

"The keyboard arrived today and looks great! It looks perfect in the space & the action is very nice on it."
                                                                -- P.T.

"Rich, I just wanted you to know that the keyboard you made for us is seriously perfect!
When we set out to open a movie theater and video store, we decided that we had to create a unique space to match our unique business concept. Our theater is a digital theater with hi-definition and theater surround sound, we refurbished and installed seats from the 1927 movie theater next-door, and we've got iMacs in the theater lobby for people to browse movie trailers for movies they might want to rent.
Everything about the business concept is custom, so it's only appropriate that our register is custom as well. With each transaction that we've made over the last few days, our customers have been leaning over, calling their friends over to look. "Oh, look at his keyboard! That's amazing."
I love the feeling of the keys, and it really adds to the aesthetic of making the old new."
                                                                -- D.T.

"Datamancer, thanks for the functional art. The keyboard is working great! It was a pleasure working out the details with you and watching the piece come together. It is now the central piece of a very eclectic office space."
                                                                -- R.M.

“This keyboard is absolutely gorgeous-everything is finished perfectly, better than I had dreamed before commissioning it. It has infused beauty into what is an otherwise mundane task; it is a working piece of art.”
                                                                -- C.B.