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In addition to the other products found on this site, Datamancer Enterprises can also make custom items to your specifications, from minor twists on existing products, to radical, completely custom "one-off" items.
We also offer volume discounts for corporations and can make many other items beyond the scope of computer peripherals.

We are a small shop with limited bandwith and high demand, so the STARTING QUOTE for the timeline on all custom work is 6 MONTHS. We are not a massive factory. We are a small handful of artists in a workshop and we build custom items unlike anything else in the world, so there is no blueprint or instruction sheet for what we do. Custom fabrication is an intensive process, both mentally and logistically, and takes time. Sometimes this time is spent waiting for other vendors to deliver outsourced parts, sometimes it is spent re-ordering materials 3 or 4 times until we find the perfect fit, and sometimes it is spent sticking the item on a shelf and staring at it blankly for a week or two, incubating on ideas until the perfect design or solution pops into our heads. If this seems unreasonable, then please consider purchasing one of our more standardized items from off of the website. We still offer many different customization options on our standard models.

Please see below for some of our prior custom work for inspiration, then write us at for a quote.

Be sure to check our *Facebook page* for more custom projects.

Solid brass ergonomic keyboard with padded wristrest and acanthus engravings

Polished Aviator keyboard with integrated Mac Trackpad

A DVORAK-layout Sojourner keyboard with engraved brass spacebar

A keyboard with furnace-cast, solid brass sides

Gold foil map faceplate

A custom wooden ergonomic keyboard

A custom compact Aviator

The inside of a Reliquary keyboard lid covered in moving gears

A special "Pro Tools" layout keyboard.
Customer-selected font on keys
An engraved mirror key featuring "Tux the Penguin", the Linux OS mascot

A custom keyboard using word game tiles